The Path from Executive Education to Corporate Innovation

Posted by Ikhlaq Sidhu, December 23rd, 2013 I’m on my way back from Shanghai after being invited to work with a group of Chinese executives on their product innovation and intrapreneurship strategies, using aspects of my newly developed model for professional/executive education. It’s really an exciting model, that I used with Coca-Cola on their beverageContinue reading “The Path from Executive Education to Corporate Innovation”

Will Korea’s Entrepreneurial Engine Continue to Deliver?

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Policy – Asia Perspective Last month, I hosted our Global Engineering Leadership (GEL) module in Hong Kong, which offered a fascinating perspective on innovation and entrepreneurial policies across Asia, in particular East Asia’s main economies of Korea, Japan and China.  One of Asia’s main business differences relates to the intertwining of family-Continue reading “Will Korea’s Entrepreneurial Engine Continue to Deliver?”

Privacy & the Internet Economy – Big Data Threats and Opportunities

Over the past 10 years, Internet ad revenue has grown by 7X, from approximately $1.5B to now $10B annually.  A major driver of this growth is a “behind the scenes” network of cookie collection companies, data exchanges, and data analytics that lead to customer data collection and highly targeted digital advertising – in short, Big Data.Continue reading “Privacy & the Internet Economy – Big Data Threats and Opportunities”

Storytelling for Engineering Leaders

As engineers and engineering leaders, we often forget the important role of “storytelling” in our work.  Usually, this takes the form of a myopic focus on our technology capabilities or markets served.  What we forget is that it won’t matter unless the concept is meaningful to people.  And stories are the medium that humans understandContinue reading “Storytelling for Engineering Leaders”

Adam Bosworth: Analyzing Complex Opportunities

Adam Bosworth, an engineering leader, offers his perspective on opportunity in a complex market. Adam Bosworth, pioneer of XML technology and former Vice President of Product Management at Google, illustrates the analysis that lead him to develop his company Keas. As you watch the videos listed below, consider the way Adam deconstructs complex healthcare issues. How does heContinue reading “Adam Bosworth: Analyzing Complex Opportunities”

Steve Blank: Engineering Leadership includes Business Model Design

In this section of the on-line course, Steve Blank introduces concepts of business model design, customer development, and agile engineering encapsulated within this  Engineering Leadership curriculum. The links below are from (  You can login using a Google or Facebook sign in – or create a new account for yourself. For Engineering Leaders takingContinue reading “Steve Blank: Engineering Leadership includes Business Model Design”

Managing Acquisitions: Operational Excellence, Pt. 2

Charles Giancarlo, former Chief Product Officer of Cisco, talks about acquisitions in the high technology industry and his involvement in Cisco System’s acquisition of Kalpana in 1994. This segment is from the Distinguished Innovator Lecture Series at UC Berkeley. Image: Flickr, Alex Dunne Next lesson: Engineering Leadership includes Business Model Design Return to course page

Defining Goals: Operational Excellence, Pt. 1

Charles Giancarlo, former Chief Product Officer of Cisco, talks about how the best firms achieve operational excellence: defining goals, aiming high, and not being afraid to change people to change management dynamic. This segment is from the Distinguished Innovator Lecture Series at UC Berkeley. Image: Cisco Systems, Inc. Next lesson: Managing Acquisitions: Operational Excellence, Pt. 2Continue reading “Defining Goals: Operational Excellence, Pt. 1”