Avoiding the Traps of Big Data…

by Ikhlaq Sidhu By now it’s well known that Target Corporation (Target) “knew a teen girl was pregnant before her father did”.  Not only was the story told many times over in the New York Times, but it also became one of the lead examples illustrating the intrinsic value of “big data”.  A bit creepy,Continue reading “Avoiding the Traps of Big Data…”

Privacy & the Internet Economy – Big Data Threats and Opportunities

Over the past 10 years, Internet ad revenue has grown by 7X, from approximately $1.5B to now $10B annually.  A major driver of this growth is a “behind the scenes” network of cookie collection companies, data exchanges, and data analytics that lead to customer data collection and highly targeted digital advertising – in short, Big Data.Continue reading “Privacy & the Internet Economy – Big Data Threats and Opportunities”