This page explains opportunities for some students and other collaborators to work with me.

Who is Ikhlaq Sidhu (in keywords):

  • Innovator, leader, data, signal, systems, networks, innovation mindset & behaviors, executive-level instruction, faculty.

What am I working on right now: (Top 5-7 Project Areas)

  • X-Labs with global engagement
  • Data-X, Data-X extensions, and Systems, data science
  • The behaviors of implementation, agile analytics,
  • Berkeley Innovation Index, the psychology of innovation
  • Venture Concepts and/or Industry/Applied project from our labs and team formation, top 3 examples:
    • Simple Virtual Assets (Blockchain)
    • LinkQuest
    • BII Extensions for Partners and Firms
  • Artisan Implementation + Innovation


Current SCET Student Fellows: (technical and non-technical)* 

  1. Elias – BII Platform
  2. Mudit Goyal BII/Psychology
  3. Shruti Bathia BII/Psychology
  4. Helen Tang Blockchain Acceleration

* Apply to calls or send a statement of interest so we can contact you when a project opens up. (sidhu@berkeley.edu)

Top 5 Venture Firms in my Orbit:

  1. Vertex – SW
  2. Accel – SW
  3. Foundation Capital SW/HW
  4. Onset Venture – Data, Medical
  5. X-Fund – Consumer

How should industry leaders, investors, or entrepreneurs engage with me:

  1. Attend Engineering Leadership Professional Program or Silicon Valley Innovation Leadership Week
  2. Participate in projects/workshops that allow executives, tech leaders, and students/experts to work together
  3. Discuss a possible project for Digital Transformation with AI, Data, and other EmTech.
  4. Discuss a potential project to improve Innovation Culture and Innovation Leadership and/or  Technology Strategy.
  5. Let me know if  you are qualified to mentor, advise and/or speak in an area relevant to my courses or projects.


Track Record (Top 3):

  1. IEEE Major Innovation Award, 2018 for adding a new area to Engineering
  2. Inventor of the Year at 3Com Corporation for work on Internet Communications
  3. Build 6 innovative P/L organizations  including industry and academics, Raise over $100M.
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