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I’m in the middle of my Asia tour (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and China) and about to lecture at Tsinghua University in the Global Technology Entrepreneurship program in Beijing tonight.  Once on the ground, you can see some surprising changes.  As China has grown over the past decade, it has caused a lot of neighbors to re-evaluate their strategies.  Hong Kong has lost manufacturing base as well as status as the preferred port of entry to China. Taiwan and Singapore, where many local firms have each partnered with a US firm or MNC, have seen jobs and manufacturing pulled to China due to cost structure.  And now that we expect China to slow down in imports and growth, these pressures are about to increase.  According to the Economist this month (Oct 6, p 57), manufacturing may not sustain the Asian economies; they suggest some diversification to higher end services, just as the US and others have experienced.  From our point of view, this also means that the engineering, leadership, and innovation skills in Asia are also in need of change.  On a related note, we have just released our “Global Engineering Leadership” white paper along with IE Business (download Engineering Leadership Model).

Image: The Tsinghua-Berkeley Global Technology Entrepreneurship Education Program

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Ikhlaq Sidhu is the founding chief scientist of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology in the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley.

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