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Areas of Interest: 

Recent Projects:

  • JC-X: Developing an AI based solution for a placement agency to target the best candidates for any position.
  • AIP-X: Helping a firm develop and scale semi-automated call center application that can literally “sell” to customers that don’t know they are talking to a machine.
  • MP-X: Helping a major mall retailer develop technology strategy and organization to avoid disruption form Amazon.
  • BM-X: Providing guidance to universities developing new, applied, experiential technical curriculum with business and innovation context.
  • 5G-X: Guiding telecom operators with AI and Data projects to deliver value from 5G rollouts.
  • Tech-Transform-X: Transferring of university technology to a new venture or innovative firm.
  • HM-X: Helping a major government tax service to use AI and data as part of the fraud detection capabilities of the agency.
  • Berkeley Innovation Index  A data-analytic approach to measuring innovation mindset and innovation culture inside companies.
  • See over 100 Data-X Projects here

Sample Topics for Talks and Seminars:

  • Engineering Innovation Workshop
  • Data, AI and Systems for Business: What’s Next
  • How to Enable Innovation and Entrepreneurial Culture in Large Organizations
  • Innovation Tactics, Process, and Execution
  • Data, AI, and Blockchain for Telecom and 5G Rollout
  • How we teach Berkeley students to create Innovation and Ventures (BMoE)

On a day-to-day basis, I work with people at..

  • Innovative Firms: Engineering leaders at Apple, Google, Samsung, Cisco, Applied Materials, Lam Research, Yahoo, Network Appliances, GM, Bosch, Qualcomm, PayPal, Broadcom, VMware, and many other leading firms.
  • Organizations, Universities, and Governments:  Includes Chile Engineering 2030, Onset Ventures, a leading Silicon Valley investment firm, Hong Kong (HKBU), the Government of New Zealand, the Lawrence Hall of Science, and the Jacobs Institute for Design at UC Berkeley.
  • New Ventures: Undergraduate, Ph.D. students, and faculty colleagues at UC Berkeley and the global partner institutions of the College of Engineering.

My Programs:


A framework and technical course at UC Berkeley that teaches students to use foundational mathematical concepts and current computer science tools to create data-related applications and systems for real-world problems.

Engineering Leadership Program

This program is the management track for Silicon Valley.  The program builds upon the core technical skills of managers, engineers, and scientists; and provides breadth, strategy, market focus, operations, and communication skills for engineering leaders to be able to take larger roles within innovative companies.

Applied Innovation Institute:
I am a fellow of the Applied Innovation Institute in Singapore.

About Me: Ikhlaq Sidhu, UC Berkeley

  • Chief Scientist and Faculty Director, UC Berkeley Sutardja Center (founding)
  • IEOR Professor at UC Berkeley
  • Developed Data-X, A framework for rapid impact with Data, ML, and Systems
  • Co-creator, Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship to develop innovation mindsets and behaviors.
  • Created many UC Berkeley programs
  • Invented seminal Internet communication technologies used at Skype, HP, US Robotics, IBM, and licensed to many others.  HP – Laser Printer Design
  • Granted 75 US Patents
  • IEEE Major Innovation Award, 2018
  • UC Berkeley IEOR Emerging Area Professor Award, 2009
  • 3Com “Inventor of the Year” 1999
  • Venture Advisor at Onset Ventures, X-Fund
  • Advisor to many firms, executives, advisory boards, and non-profits
  • All degrees: Electrical Engineering, BS to Ph.D.