IS-v3About Me: Ikhlaq Sidhu, UC Berkeley

  • Chief Scientist and Founder Sutardja Center
  • Professor in IEOR at UC Berkeley
  • Created many Berkeley programs
  • Developed Data-X
  • Advisor to many firms and executives
  • Granted over 50 US Patents
  • Invented technologies used at Skype, HP, US Robotics, IBM, and licensed to many others
  • Awarded 3Com’s “Inventor of the Year”
  • HP – Laser Printer Design
  • Venture Advisor at Onset Ventures, X-Fund
  • Numerous Advisory Boards and non-profits
  • All degrees: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), BS to Ph.D.

This site is a resource repository for to share my slides, papers, and other media

Ikhlaq Sidhu
Contact: For interest in new projects and/or affiliated programs, email sidhu@berkeley.edu or is@innovation-engineering.net
Also see the Sutardja Center Website at scet.berkeley.edu

For Conference or Speaker Biographic Information:
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My Projects:
My projects and programs help people – who want to create new things, grow their businesses, or transform their organizations no matter how complex the situation or technology – by teaching tactics, innovation culture, collecting helpful data, and/or coaching the leadership.

On a day-to-day basis, I work with people at..

  • Innovative Firms: Engineering leaders at Apple, Google, Samsung, Cisco, Applied Materials, Lam Research, Yahoo, Network Appliances, GM, Bosch, Qualcomm, PayPal, Broadcom, VMware, and many other leading firms.
  • New Ventures: Undergraduate, Ph.D. students, and faculty colleagues at UC Berkeley and the global partner institutions of the College of Engineering.
  • Organizations, Universities, and Governments:  Includes Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar, Chile Engineering 2030, Onset Ventures, a leading Silicon Valley investment firm, Hong Kong (HKBU), the Government of New Zealand, the Lawrence Hall of Science, and the Jacobs Institute for Design at UC Berkeley.


  • Data-X: AI, Data, and blockchain, and other digital technologies analytics to support strategic projects and direction changes.
  • Teaching teams and firms how to adapt, grow, and develop an innovation culture, no matter how complex the situation or technical factors.
  • Advising and coaching to leaders to reduce risk in strategic and innovative projects.
  • Policy, process, and structure for innovation in firms and regions.

Current Programs

Data-X: A Framework for Digital Transformation and Technology Strategy

A framework and technical course at UC Berkeley that teaches students to use foundational mathematical concepts and current computer science tools to create data-related applications and systems for real-world problems.

Engineering Leadership Program

This program is the management track for Silicon Valley.  The program builds upon the core technical skills of managers, engineers, and scientists; and provides breadth, strategy, market focus, operations, and communication skills for engineering leaders to be able to take larger roles within innovative companies.

Berkeley Innovation Index

A data-analytic approach to measuring innovation mindset and innovation culture inside companies.